About Us

Welcome to Impact Fibreglass

Impact Fibreglass Ltd has nearly 30 years experience in Mould Making and Production in a variety of different products.

We currently use Hand Lay and Spray Up with Choppergun.  We also have used and have knowledge of Resin Transfer Moulding and the Silicon Bag Systems.

We are situated in Greertons industrial area in Tauranga in the sunny Bay of Plenty.

We are always looking for new projects and are happy to discuss ideas.

Contact us too for employment opportunities as we welcome new Fibreglass Technicians to support the evolving business.

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About Us

Impact Fibreglass Ltd was founded in 1994 and has a staff of 10.

Initially building swimming pools and shower cubicles on its own account. The Company then diversified into 36 foot and 40 foot Mono Hull and Deck packages for a Tauranga boat building Company and supplied in excess of 100 Hull and Deck packages over several years. Impact Fibreglass also produced Hull and Deck packages for 40 foot & 50 foot Catamarans.

With a change in the market the company saw a need to diversify and started producing a range of high quality shower trays for a Tauranga based supplier.

The company now produce the Superior Pool range of swimming pools plus a cover for a highly successful composting toilet system.



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